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We offer a Mapsimise database with your subscription so that you can upload data to the service. We will be adding more systems and connectors as time goes by, but for now you can import data from a CSV file or using Microsoft Excel (XLSX). Do message us the system you are using and we will let you know when either a live data connector or a synchronisation connector will be made available.

Mapsimise is currently hosted on Microsoft Azure and we are testing the other mainstream providers like Google and AWS (Amazon). We currently use two data centres, on in Europe and the other in The USA. Data is backed up and we are committed to secure application access and to meeting the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The simple answer is, no. We operate a consumption-based model, so you only pay for what you use in each month. A team subscription package is designed to support up to 25 users with fees for connectors. As an example, if you only have 3 users, then this is all you will pay for. If you have 10 users with a connector license, then you pay 10 X the user fee and 1 X the connector fee. You can scale users up and down at any point in the month, with on the highest usages being charged for that single month.

Mapsimise is primarily for mapping your own business data by uploading CSV/Excel sheets or connecting to an existing CRM system. In the future we will be looking at making public-domain datasources available in Mapsimise, but for now you can import data in CSV/XLSX or KML formats.

Good news, we are here to help you get the best from your subscription and Mapsimise is a managed service, not just a hosted one. You can get in touch via our social media channels on Twitter and Facebook, or you can email us on

Our support telephone number is - 01983 245245 - if you would rather speak to someone. 

We also have a number of demo videos you can make use of just by hitting this link.