Sales – It Is Not Just Pins

It is not just pins, lets chart sales activity by location

Welcome back and thanks for reading. You might be thinking, “Oh, another map solution that just puts pins on a map”. But with Mapsimise, it’s not just about pins. It’s about analysing all your data by location.

Today we are going to delve into how you can leverage the charting features of Also, how to gain deeper insights into your sales data and activity, as you move around the map.

Let’s take a look at how charts work.

When it comes to sales understanding the “What, When, and Where” is crucial.

With Mapsimise, you can analyse all your data. You can then create geospatial charts that move dynamically with the map, providing a comprehensive view of activity based on location. We are focused on helping you and your team understand what is happening where.

By visualising your data on a map alongside dynamic charts, you can quickly identify trends. Spot patterns. And make informed decisions about where to focus your efforts. Whether you’re looking at customer distribution, sales opportunities, or lead sources, Mapsimise empowers you to see at a glance where your customers are, where your sales opportunities lie, and where your leads are coming from.

Let’s look at, and give some examples of, what sort of data you might want to chart. When it comes to sales data and related activity, leveraging location intelligence can provide valuable insights. This can drive strategic decision-making and enhance performance, which we all know as data is king.  

Let’s dig a little deeper, into some of the examples of how location can help you understand sales.

Customer Distribution:

Visualising customer distribution helps identify high concentration areas and untapped markets, providing a significant advantage for business. By charting customer locations, you can tailor your sales and marketing strategies to target specific regions more effectively.  Target types of potential customer, chat opportunities or leads and prospects that are a different stage, but a location-based view of your sales funnel.

Sales Opportunities by Location:

Plotting sales opportunities on a map allows you to see where potential deals are located. Charting the different stages helps you add to your RevOps reporting and forecasting which can help sales teams prioritise efforts, allocate resources more efficiently, and focus on areas with the greatest revenue potential, day b day, month by month and quarter by quarter.

Competitor Analysis:

We all have them, competitors that is, by mapping the locations of competitors’ stores or offices you can gain real insights into market saturation and competitive dynamics. By understanding where competitors are concentrated, as a business owner you and your team can identify gaps in the market and adjust your strategies to suite accordingly.

Lead Sources and Conversion Rates:

Geospatial tools like Mapsimise can help with tracking the geographic origin of leads and visualizing conversion rates by location, this can help identify which regions or marketing channels are most effective at driving sales. By charting the data, you have information can help inform resource allocation, marketing spend and decision making which in turn can help optimise lead generation efforts.

And the best part?

The charting features in Mapsimise is incredibly easy to use and highly effective, as demonstrated above, but don’t just take our word for it, grab your account today and have a go.

Whether you’re a seasoned data analyst or a business user with minimal technical expertise, you can leverage Mapsimise to quickly gain valuable insights from your data with ease.

So, if your business needs to understand what’s happening where, trend data effectively, or manage multiple outlets or sales territories, Mapsimise is the solution for you. And rest assured, Team Mapsimise is committed to helping you extract maximum value from the data you already have.

It’s time to move beyond pins and understand more about your sales data and activity, so lets help you get your data mapped and chart your course to success with Mapsimise!

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